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Board of Directors




Lucretia Wilks

All too often we hear of single parents or families struggling to choose between purchasing prescription medications, groceries, keeping utilities on or paying child care.  We were created to offset financial strains and make life more comfortable for middle class families.  We desire to be able to give families a 50% discount on daycare expenses as our foundation grows!


We need (solicit) your help to purchase and renovate a building.  Customizing it for our special needs children and middle class families.  In addition, we are raising money to ensure our children with disabilities have an environment that is safe; with useful tools to help them cognitively develop at their level.  To have equipment to help strengthen physical disparities.  When we all work together our children's futures can be (will be) brighter!


Their Future's Bright Child Development Center (TFBCDC) is a non-profit corporation operating under the 501(c)(3) laws of the State of Missouri.  All, donations are tax deductible! We are currently optimistic in opening at our first location!


TFBCDC - The Way To A Brighter Future! Please help keep the mission moving forward to help our children and parents!


Thank You! 

Lucretia Wilks

















Percy Phillips


-Pastor Steward/Board of Trustees

The ministry of Board of Steward includes duties and responsibility assigned by the A.M.E. Zion Book of Discipline.  Include not limited to receiving and making an exact account of all funds for the support of the church’s ministry.   I provide a parsonage or other housing arrangement for the pastor and pastor’s family.  I successfully, provide relief for members in need; visit the sick at home or nursing home weekly. Assist the ministers to promote and encourage spiritual growth of all member of this society.   I do volunteer work of feeding the homeless and community with bread every Wednesday morning at the church location or surrounding areas.  Monthly, yearly, financial update and audits conducted and reported to President of AME Zion and Pastor provided with accurate reporting.

-Army Veteran WWI Served

-25 Year Retiree of the Parkway School District














Reba Green


-Proud Pastor of Mt. Moriah Church of Christ

-20+  Year Seasoned Executive Legal Secretary  

- Event Planner and Host of Conferences and Large Events

-Renowned author of  Books  :Why you do me like you do? ;Help My Past is Stopping My Future

-From mentoring young woman in the classroom to providing guidance to troubled hearts, God has commissioned her to be the initiator of transformation so that the Almighty GOD gets the Glory!


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